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"A room without books is like a body without a soul." -- Cicero, 106 BC - 43 BC

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find debtors, loved ones, or old school chums
Find the person or family member
who is lost in your life or the person
who owes you money, inexpensively
and creatively. eBook only.

There Is A Mouse In My House!
Several animals have an adventure
in their search for the illusive mouse
that the cat brought into the house.
Illustrations mingled with actual
pictures of the animals involved in
the search.
a secret tip to get a job interview
Includes a new hidden
way to get to the top of
the job interview pile.
eBook only.

find your birth family leaving no stone unturned
Easy self-help steps to
save you money during
your birth family search.
Also available as an eBook.

a suspenseful  adventure with a dash of romance
A historic novel full of rich
authentic Cherokee ceremonies
in the 1700's in South Carolina.
Humor, romance, stalking,
and kidnapping in the wilderness.
Also available as an eBook.
humorous fun
152 pictures of weird concoctions
that pregnant women crave (or
that their babies demand).
Try... angel food cake with tomato
sauce poured over the top.
family home evening fun and learning puzzles
Crossword puzzles that teach
the LDS gospel as well as the
fun of the puzzle format. Great
for quiet time during sacrament
for the kids.
children's book
Shybo and his family visit earth.
Shybo explores and meets
animals & insects to make
friends and learn about them.
Available as a soft cover and an eBook.

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