Early Reviews

"A simply riveting read from cover to cover, "The Grave Tracker" showcases author Teresa Marotta's genuine flair for deftly created and memorable characters and constructing a fully engaging storyline of twists and turns until reaching a climatic conclusion. Very highly recommended." ---Midwest Book Review

"Brown (writing as Marotta) keeps the reader guessing in The Grave Tracker. The book opens with a wallop: a convicted murderer escapes from the mental institution where he was committed by his father thirteen years earlier. And the tension builds from there. Told from multiple points of view, The Grave Tracker is a well researched book with plenty of non-stop action, several brutal murders, some narrow escapes, and one well trained dog." ---VTReviewer Goodreads

"I loved the book! The author of The Grave Tracker uses a genealogist to solve a mystery. The main character uses his connections and his research skills masterfully. This story should be made into a Hallmark mystery movie!" ---Richard Haubrich, editor



Late at night thirteen years ago on the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona, hyped-out-drugged twenty-year-old TONY FALCONE and his eighteen year old wife MELISSA are in the middle of a screaming match in their car while their infant son is in the back seat crying. Tony pulls the car over behind a truck stop where they continue to fight. Melissa launches herself at him with her fists and hurls her most hateful words to him in anger. She yells at him that baby Nico is not his son, that the baby is actually his father Joseph's baby. Enraged, Tony doubles up his fist and slugs Melissa as hard as he can. Her head smashes into the car door, rendering her unconscious. Tony gets out of the car, yanks the back door open and takes the wailing baby out of the car seat. Then Tony stomps over to the dumpster and tosses the baby in. He gets back in the car and roars out of the parking lot.

Tony continually bangs his fist against the steering wheel while he shouts at an unresponsive Melissa. He finds himself driving into Elcanto Park where he pulls over into the back end of a parking lot. He drags Melissa out of the car and dumps her on the ground. Then he gets back in the car, puts it in reverse, rev's the engine, and shifts forward, surging over Melissa's unconscious body. He backs up over her body and runs over her again. With his goal accomplished he roars out of the park believing he has just permanently gotten rid of all the trash in his car.

A homeless vet wakes to the loud car engine revving and looks over from the bench he was sleeping on. He witnesses Tony running over the woman. He pulls out his phone and video tapes Tony roaring away out of the park. He calls 911.

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