The author's resource for this ebook has worked for a State Employment Agency for nearly five years and her knowledge of how the system works from an employer's point of view is an eye-opener. Her experience and know-how has helped many unemployed job seekers reach their goals. Any serious job hunter will be surprised at an insider "trick" that can be used effectively to get the job interview they are qualified for. With so many people searching for jobs today, getting a resume to the desk of a potential employer is half the battle. This ebook can tell you exactly how you could get your resume to the top of the employer's pile.


85% of available jobs are not advertised or made known to the public: this fact alone means that many job searchers are missing the mark if they limit their job search to want ads and employer ads alone. So what are the right job-hunting techniques to locate work from this hidden job market?

Five Valuable Steps for an Effective Job Search outlines some simple basics and involve an emphasis on small business employment opportunities, reaching out to busy employers who don't have time to do more than glance at the highlights of a resume, and identifying the kinds of jobs that will always be needed in industries always hiring.

From locating relevant, free training courses and tutorials for brushing up skills and taking tests online to the proper steps for putting together a quick resume that highlights relevant skills, Five Valuable Steps for an Effective Job Search provides examples of three resume styles designed for quick at-a-glance review.

Also important is the section covering online resume upload tips which pinpoints how to embed key words and sentences that are visible only to an employer's computer software. This coverage alone makes all the difference between this being yet another resume-oriented job-finding guide and a reference tailored to real-world employer search techniques that few job-search titles cover.

Lists of websites and further online job resources accompany keys to understanding why people don't get hired in the first place, making for a quick yet comprehensive key to the hiring process from how a resume is located and read to why interviews succeed or fail.

Any job-seeker seeking a succinct understanding of the new job market's approaches will find a winner, here! --D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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