As a self-help search tool, this guide book is invaluable. Written in a straightforward logical manner, this eBook is meant to help family members, lost loves, judgment collectors, or even former classmates locate their missing person as inexpensively as possible. This guide book is full of little known as well as unusual obvious resource tips to help the average person in their quest. If even one single tip or resource produces results, you will have been repaid many many times over.

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Missing Persons Locator Guide is a short yet comprehensive guide to finding just about anyone from your past. If there's someone you need to find, but haven't a clue how or where to start, this book will get you going in the right direction. The author begins with the basics, but addresses a number of advanced investigative subjects as well. To that end, the author includes several noteworthy articles from private investigation professionals including:

      "Collecting on Civil Judgments" by Christina Smiley
      "Unmasking the Mystery of Hidden Assets" by Kelly E. Riddle, Investigator
      "Public Records in Depth" by Joseph Culligan

While this guidebook may be useful for birthparents, children, and siblings trying to reconnect with each other, Missing Persons Locator Guide goes far beyond the scope of adoption and family issues. You can use it to find lost loves, schoolmates, military friends, past business associates and more. Sections dealing with recovering money from ex-spouses, business dealings and/or summary judgments are particularly useful.

The author details the multitude of resources available to anyone who is willing or wanting to find someone on their own. She also informs readers how to find a good private investigator for their specific needs if they decide they want the services of a licensed professional with experience.

This book is also useful if you've ever considered a career as a private investigator. There are some amusing sections such as information about dumpster diving and garbologyóreal stuff. The work of a private investigator is neither as exciting nor glamorous as books and movies often depict.

Google and the Internet in general are great for a lot of search issues, but many of the paid online identity resources are not as fruitful as advertised, according to this book. Finding who and what you're looking for frequently involves physically going to public records rather than relying on the aggregation skills of various automated website databases. However, social media tools such as Twitter have proven quite helpful in many instances.

Missing Persons Locator Guide incorporates lists of many resources as well as letter templates of possible ways to contact potential friends, family members, and other associates of the person you are attempting to find. The author packs an immense amount of information in approximately 100 digital-equivalent pages. This is a simple, well-written guide with a lot of insightful ideas as well as encouragement, which are well worth a readerís time and money.

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Anyone who is searching for a missing family member or loved one must consult Missing Persons Locator Guide before beginning their search: a brief overview of a logical search process that eliminates confusion and missed opportunities, and explains the process of locating a missing person or someone who doesn't want to be found.

First, searchers are advised to document their hunt - which includes keeping copies of all requests for information. A journal with pockets is advised for making notes and putting copies of documents in one place; then the 'meat' follows with hard-hitting, specific chapters covering court records and documents, opportunities for information-gatherers, how to request and assemble information, and a key article by Christina Smiley, 'Collecting on Civil Judgments'. From unmasking hidden assets to locating debtors and hiring a private investigator, Missing Persons Locator Guide offers specific advice on locating and handling a missing personís situation and covers everything from identifying and accessing databases to culling city directories, conducting a birth family search, and plumbing newspapers, maternity homes, search obituaries, and more.

Whether you're looking to collect on a debt or conducting a birth family search, here's a treasure trove of specific sources and approaches key to the missing persons search: a 'must' for any who would understand the entire process. ---D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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