"I found it all too true and laugh-out-loud funny. It was a unique and novel idea that was very well executed in content and presentation." ---Jim Cox, Midwest Book Review

"Every woman going through a hormone driven pregnancy will, sooner or later, experience wanting certain and specific foods -- often in weird combinations. The "Pregnant Women's Weird Cravings Cookbook!" is a 160 page compilation of color photograph pictures of different food pairings known to be desired in pregnancy and ranging from Rice Krispies with Strawberry Ice Cream on Top; to Hot Dog with Chili, Slaw, and Jalapenos; to Baked Beans and Salad Dressing on a Cheese Sandwich; to Sour Cream and Onion Chips Dipped in Applesauce. Simply fascinating to merely browse through, every woman who ever bore a child will recognize and appreciate this strange cornucopia of food pairings, blends, and combinations. It should be noted that "Pregnant Women's Weird Cravings Cookbook!" is also available in a Kindle edition." ---Another Midwest Book Reviewer

The eBook and the paperback are available on this link at Amazon.

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