Shybo is an eight year old little boy from a planet called Fuzzy Buzzy whose father is a scientist studying plant life on earth. Shybo is allowed to go down to earth for his awakening day and meet and learn from the animals and insects that he meets while there. He also discovers to his constant delight that his antenna will now give him magical powers. His adventures on earth teach him kindness and awareness of others. The soft cover book includes an address where children can write to Shybo to say hi and he will write back! The fabulous art work of illustrator Jay Rollins depicts the story in beautiful color and detail as shown in these examples.

Shybo and the ants Shybo and his Dad Shybo mind reading

Now available for ordering as a $4.95 Kindle eBook at and as a soft cover book for $12.95, also at Amazon.
And now the hard back cover is available for the first time! If you wish to order it from your library, you can download and print out this Library Request to take to your local librarian. It is also available at Amazon.

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